With the recent shootings of unarmed black men in the inner city of Minnesota and the rural backwoods south of Brunswick, GA, many black families are now looking to buy land in the United States like our slave ancestors owned in times past to escape the systematic racism in policing, housing, zoning, and job hiring. There is a recent movement among Gen Xers and later Millennials to pool their money and resources together to buy land so that future generations of black men and woman can feel safe amongst their own family community and environment.

Many black Americans have experienced the irony of having “worked” the land amidst the toils of slavery with no rewards and under life threating conditions. Black slaves who did own some land in the past had it stolen from there by force, or by other inconspicuous means since most slaves could not read the deeds. But over 150 years later, black urban families in the South are buying plots of land with the goals of sustaining life safely and effectively by managing and keeping the properties all in the family. The old saying “40 acres and a mule” was just a fable promised by Abraham Lincoln but for many families it has finally become a reality.

An article published on Revolt revealed that a group of 19 black families have acquired over 90 acres of land in a small town called Toomsboro, GA for housing, agricultural, and other uses. Their goal is to create a black network of businesses similar to the famous black wall street in Tulsa, OK where black merchants could spend money and grow wealth among themselves within the town. It is said that a White dollar bounces seven to eight times around the community while a black dollar only bounces once. As soon as black money comes into the hands via a paycheck or small business it leaves our people’s community and helps to build up another man’s community.

Land is a resource that can be used to build sustainable and cheap housing as well as to grow our own food free of GMO’s and pesticides. Black kids will get to experience the benefits of fresh air and nature trading in the inner-city smog and crime for a more rural life of learning to fish, garden, and even run a family business within their own community. Most importantly, this black land community will be protected by people who look like them and care for their kids as if they were their own kids.


This is a great initiative as many black Americans now have gained the confidence and means to build for their own people. Something that is built for the people can never be destroyed by other people. I say all should continue to support land ownership in America for Black Americans and this objective, in my humble opinion, might do us better than actual reparations for slavery. Land can be passed down and used as utility and collateral for generations upon generations.

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