The recent Devon Franklin and Meagan Good divorce was not a total shock to me, but I was rooting for them to last longer than 9 years of marriage given the fact that the marriage was based on partial Christian principles of celibacy and waiting on God. The truth is that we are all human and there is no one perfect person or perfect couple. In the black community, we tend to hold up our superstar couples in private conversations but not always in public if they should reveal a crack in their relationship status.

Here are some positive lessons learned in my humble opinion:

1. Black love is still real and evident- I love how they both upheld each other in the public eye regardless of what was going on behind the scenes. Black couples would do well to speak highly of their partner while in public or in front of the kids.

2. Divorce is not evil- Divorce is not a bad thing or something uncommon. Do not compromise your health, sanity, dreams, or soul salvation dealing with a person man or woman who does not want to change or they are too old to change ways or habits for you. Know who you are and who you belong to- A child of the King Jesus!

3. There is no such thing as 50-50 split or we go full or half on the marriage duties- In our community , many single parent households can attest to being the jack of all trades for their family. As a black marriage team, get used to doing chores and tasks that you may not have signed up for like cooking, cleaning, planning trips, taking care of your sick spouse etc… Each person gives all they have every day of the relationship and that takes self sacrifice.

4. Don; broadcast your relationship highs and lows on social media. A healthy couple just is! They do not need to post all day on Facebook or Instagram that they are in love and doing big things. Black people as a couple we are stylish but too flashy with our putting our business out on the streets. Learn the live in the mystery and not everyone needs to know your couple rules or couple goals.

Black love is still alive and its a wonderful thing, even in divorce hopefully you can remain friends like Meagan and Devon have chosen to do up to this point. A relationship is meant for building of self,mind, and spirit but not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever. If that’s the case, we can be assured that its not the end of our world, just the end of that space you shared.

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