President Biden Infrastructure Plan does not include much help for rebuilding black neighborhoods hurt by gentrification and destroyed by low commercial tax base for years. The 2 Trillion-dollar America Jobs Plan will seek to refresh infrastructure as well as make our climate breathe easier by reducing our carbon footprint. But this current infrastructure plan should be viewed with mixed skepticism among black Americans- on one hand it improves the access to the external conditions of roads, bridges, and transportation systems around black communities but conversely it does not provide a substantial number of jobs or job creating avenues for black Americans whose incomes are largely dependent upon resources being available in the community.


Biden plans to spend 20 Billion helping to reconnect black neighbors who were cut off in the past by the interstate highway system drove through their neighbors back in the early 50’s and 60’s. This would allow for a more balanced flow of commerce and goods and services to black communities. If the infrastructure in our neighborhoods is not updated, many other ethnic groups will choose not to do meaningful business or commerce with us leaving an economic hole in our community. Black businesses accounted for just 10 percent of SBA loans made according to the data. President Biden’s plan would give 100 million in low interest loans to minority owned businesses.

President Biden also would spend 45 Billion replacing the lead pipes and water lines so that no child would have go through another Flint, MI water crisis again. The majority of black businesses in America are sole proprietorships and receive less funding than their white counterparts.


If this bill passes Congress, it will ignite a start to building back black communities’ infrastructure in a safe and effective manner by giving us the tools to get jobs in the new green economy. Black businesses will be able to access more capital and contracts to hire other black owned companies to do construction and transportation work as that where the majority of black-owned businesses are notwithstanding the retail sector.

Infrastructure resources such as school, banks, hospitals, and grocery stores would provide a real and tangible economic boost to the black community. Imagine if government grants and money was donated for these causes so that residents would not have to travel across town to get basic everyday grocery items and health services.

We need black businesses like brick workers, plumbers, electricians equipped with solar knowledge, and other skilled blacks to lobby for their place in this new green deal package. Invest Detroit is a multi million-dollar small business recover fund providing loans up $100,000 to help with black community development initiatives. Apply for grants and loans via the PPP program on SBA (Small Business Administration) and wait for the infrastructure bill to be passed so that you too can make a difference in our community.

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