Where is our 40 acres and a mule? We as a people could use that right about now as the cost of everything in America is about to go up tenfold due to money printing and price fixing! The current slide towards a national recession in America could leave many low to middle income African Americans priced out of both the housing and rental markets in some of America’s major cities. Two-thirds of the US economy is based on consumption and discretionary spending by Americans. Even though collectively African-Americans have 1 trillion dollar buying power, its not a collective force in terms of major real estate ownership or ownership of any other kind in America. Back in the day, we had our own communities like Tusla Greenwood but it was burned down as you know. So white people cant have it both ways! Whites don’t want us in their most exclusive communities and at the same time do not want us to congregate our wealth and networking together in terms of businesses or housing.

This becomes problematic when rents are rising at double the rates of mortgages and mortgages rates are nearing 6% in the States. Its clear that the interest rates will go much higher in an attempt to curb inflation but what happens to us as a people already affected by the gentrification of our inner cities with casinos, businesses, arenas, and other venues? Where do our people live? African-Americans are being priced out of both the suburbs and city properties in the next generation of redlining practices- outbidding by the big hedge fund companies buying up whole neighborhoods at a wholesale discount. The cities and townships do not mind and they get more property tax revenue when these investment firms turn around and rent those properties out charging blacks of course double rent what the place is actually worth at a profit cash flow to them.

We need to get back to basic living in the country and the fields of which we worked in the past. We need to own land 5 acres or less at a time instead of investing in the stock market. The stock market cannot provide adequate housing for our people on a collective level. Put those young people to work in the hoods, in the fields tilling the ground for gardens and learning how to build cabins or tiny houses for our people to live in community together. We can build a successful tiny house, cabin community, or full fledged houses for our people in less than 5 years time. The reason I propose to starting with smart house projects like this is due to less regulations and the high input costs for lumber and electrical supplies can be offset by building quality smaller square footage houses that we own and can rent out at our discretion.

Where is the affordable housing in America? It’s nowhere to be found for anyone except the 1% right now! This is not about playing the victim, this is about creating black housing and communites that we can be proud of and won’t have to depend solely on white financing to get something done all of the time. If we pull our resources together, we can do this and create a safe and affordable community by us and for us!

By esmq1

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