How many of us make healthy resolutions to eat more veggies and drink more water only to falter halfway through the year? Well as African Americans, we need to extend our life span by being active and eating healthy.
We can do this with help by planning out our diets and cutting back on the junk food and soul foods particularly cutting back on the red meat variety suck as pork and ham slices.
One such method I use is intermittent fasting one meal a day and also drinking a smoothie a day. If you can fast one meal a day, it will help balance your insulin resistance levels and you will gain some overall energy.
Next you need to have one smoothie of any fruit or veggie of your choice! I personally like this smoothie diet right here— Its only 21 days, less than a full month of suffering!
Black health is wealth because we can be here to pass on and share generational wealth to our kids and grand-kids without worrying about our bodies being too unhealthy to enjoy the life God has given us on this Earth. Get this 21-day smoothie plan here, and start feeling wealthy today!

By esmq1

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