I love black Twitter and all of the creative memes that my people come up with on a daily basis that give belly aching laughs and though provoking conversations. I love that we as a community of people can spice up any platform and bring views from all over the world. But what does it profit us to garner that attention on the dominant society’s platform and not our own? How much more advertising dollars are the owners making versus your sponsored tweet post? Are we giving our best and brightest minds to others at the neglect of our own community? Maybe you can start you own social media marketing firm or become a social media manager for local businesses in your neighborhood instead of just on Twitter. You can even just own domain names and trade them for money in the future.

Many African-Americans wealth is tied up in their houses, some land or small business facility, or some investments namely the 401k, 403b, etc.. While holding physical assets is important in an inflationary environment, it’s also vital that many black online creators protect their digital assets and intellectual property too. In slavery times, white people stole blacks’ land because many could not read, in the future theft of digital assets and copyright infringement will become the norm if the proper safeguards are not put into place. Remember many of the Hollywood movies of today are remakes of old– like Top Gun etc.. Big companies run out of ideas too even though they have massive legal and creative teams. I suggest you save all of your ideas and plans in the cloud, you never know which one may become valuable to you and your family. Most great businesses and companies were founded during a recession or depression time, take UPS for example.

It is important that black people worldwide continue to become producers of products and information and not just consumers of entertainment, drama, and sports. The internet has opened up a world of possibilities to sell back items to the world and to our motherland- Africa. We can built our own infrastructure online with all these smart brothers and sisters graduating in STEM and other fields every year. We don’t have to wait for Google or Amazon to hire us, we can build something to hire our own people, we are smart, we are confident, we just need a mission and work ethic code among ourselves. Don’t be fooled black products and services are not inferior, its all in the marketing and presentation that some of us have to work on in the future. I have faith that one day I will see black owned online businesses in every state soon


By esmq1

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