Everyone by now has heard and dissected the story of the shooting that happened in Buffalo, NY and all of the drama that surrounds guns and gun violence happening in our community. Today is Malcolm X’s birthday. He said ” We are nonviolent with people who are nonviolent with us.” We as people of color had a great run from 1960-1990 in terms of civil rights progress in the name of non-violence and integration in education,. health care, and business individual achievements. Don’t get it twisted- I do not condone or promote violence on anyone regardless of race, culture, class, gender, religion etc.. I am just highlighting the fact that black people in America ,and to a lesser extent worldwide, is expected to “lay down” and “turn the other cheek” for the good of the community while offering up the best of our minds and bodies (literally) so that other races of people can use and exploit us on television and in real life.

What would it take for African Americans to stand up and be counted in their communities? Who is in charge of promoting what black men and woman consume in the media on a daily basis? The common denominator out of all these shootings in our community whether its a white supremacist or black on black crime is that we do not have our own police force or military. Every country or soverign nation has their own security force to enforce its laws and creed in their community.  There is strength in numbers. If black lives do not matter to us, it wont matter to anyone else and we can show that by standing up for ourselves like the Haitians did when they overthrew France. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is if they know you have a gun too! But its deeper than just that. How many of our people stand up to those who belittle our woman and children or even our black man. We need an intellectual revolution, the oppressor in not going to give up their advantage no matter how many votes you cast. How is it that the black population of 13.5% remained virtually the same the last 40 years?  People say numbers don’t lie but they can be manipulated to make you believe a lie.

We need to have real black advocates in politics, education, churches, and other places who will not just take money to be quiet or say the right things. In my opinion, black people have always given their time and resources to other causes but their own and the people in the other collations do not stand up for us but take money from our communities. Name one black wig store, one black convenience store, one black liquor store, one black hospital, etc in our community today? Yet immigrants and others come to America get free loan money from the government, come into black hoods, do not hire not one young black man or woman, and go home to mansions in the white suburbs.

We need to come together and fight using our brains and our hearts. Marching in the streets in not effective, in fact Gov Desantis in FL outlawed that with jail time! We need to show the world that we have a backbone. Africa is taken with all its resources by the Europeans and the Chinese while corrupt African leaders sellout for money. America is whitewashing and earmarking all the money for “immigrants”, while black America was the original first immigrants yea even been here on our lands since the beginning of time. God will help us if we remain positive with one another and put in the work needed to secure our future and our kids’ future. Respect that is not given must be earned!

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