Climate change is real for many Americans and it affects our daily lives in terms of living conditions, food crops, and other areas. But for many African-Americans, climate change can take on unique challenges because many of our people live in areas where the natural environmental pollutants are present either intentionally or unintentionally.

How do we as a people grow on own food if only 1.5% of farms in the United States are black owned? It is paramount that we study possible effects of climate change as the summers get hotter and the winters last longer than ever before. In the inner cities, food deserts are the standard diet and baby formula shortages are as an afterthought. It was recently reported that over 1.5 million chickens were killed due to the avian flu spreading like wildfire. Fish were dying due to red tides in Florida four years ago. Many communities of all colors began growing their own food or shopping at farmers’ markets more frequently as the certainly of our food supply becomes more uncertain given the current environmental conditions.

We need to teach our communities the need of growing urban gardens or micro gardens in abandoned playgrounds or in your own home using hydroponics. The majority of our 40 million population is located within the Sunbelt where warmer temperatures and humidity prevail under normal climatic conditions. However this also means that we live in places like Dixie Alley(tornadoes), therefore its imperative to have a NOAA weather radio to get specific warnings not given on the television or your cell phone.

I propose that we put our kids and teens to work tilling gardens and growing quality food that can be shared for a profit in our community. Heirloom seeds are going up in price online and in store- get them now while you can! Our families should not wait and be queued in a long line whenever the next food crisis or black swan event hits!
Another issue is America’s water supply in the West is drying up! In states like California and Nevada, the reservoirs are at record lows. Solution- get a Ber key or other cheaper water filter and also get water treatment tabs available online. We can only go 3 days without water! Even if you are in a water aquifer abundant state like Florida, it can become compromised or shut off, you need a backup other than bottled water which is filled with micro plastics.

Finally, African Americans living in rural areas and suburban areas need to teach and train the younger generations about how to build a fire without a lighter, how to build a shelter using mylar bags or tree branches with zip-ties , and also how to fish in these ponds and lakes. Some solutions lie within ourselves and not the government intiatives and that requires some upfront work and time before we can reap the harvest together. If we do not develop a strong mind and a healthy body in any climate condition, then it will be difficult to survive when the tough climate times hit like the dust bowl of the 1930’s.

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