Black love is real and ongoing. I admit marriage is down overall in the States, but there are still some happy black marriages and marriages in general.
Do not let the negative press fool you! A relationship is hard work but its a blessing to those who choose that path. I love marriage and all that it brings but I realize it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
For those sisters who say that can’t find a good brother- remember there are lots of brothers in the diaspora. Brazil was where the largest of black slaves landed but there are people of African descent or mixed on every continent including Australia.
Men there are black woman in every Caribbean and non-Caribbean nation waiting for you to make them a wife if the US is not your thing.

Black love is not struggle love, we are a blessed and creative people if we don’t take our focus off God and each other. Black love is created to build each other and build things in this world.Heck, we built up America, we can certainly do more with less publicity in this world.

The trend now is to promote interracial and inter sexed stuff now on the media. I am not against interracial like Dr Umar Johnson, I just believe that its ok for black men and black woman to love on each other and be supportive of each other like every other group in this world.

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