The Jan 6th White House hearing committee reconvened today as it was “discovered that President Trump called for more people to storm the US Capitol. He allegedly wanted to take part in the madness and turn the driver to turn around according to the White House aid who gave testimony about a week prior.

Its no surprise that all of these insurrectionist groups wanted to storm the Capitol. Black people have know since the event happened, that if it was us going anywhere near those rosy gardens, we would shot on site let alone having the ability to break windows and go into the actual chambers of House and Senate.

But alas, here we are more theater and drama by white people to prove that they can get away with anything in this country. Its okay for them to break the law because the y made the law and the Constitution is what many of them would argue.

Every time we have these “inquires” or investigations its just a waste of time. Jail time and prosecution is already predetermined to be a non-event and so it really becomes another waste of tax payer dollars at the expense of real issues being swept aside leading up to another possible government shutdown in the fall or right before midterms as per usual.

If it was really about truth finding, then the “why” of all the protesting would be answered first. What threats does not “making America great again” according to white people’s use of that poor term pose to their agenda? How does giving black people their 40 acres and a mule take away from everything that’s already white controlled by design?

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