Blacks face the use of excessive force in all cases with the police. The question is not whether Jaylan is guilty of traffic violation, obliviously police need probable cause to stop at all. The issue is a person running away from you unarmed should not die in a hail of over 60 rounds fired. It only takes a trained shooter 1-3 rounds out of a 15 round magazine that police carry to kill someone. The preliminary report shows that this young black man was shot over 60 times with many hitting him directly in the face and upper torso region. Blood loss after a few rounds is massive ask any surgeon and you are already dead after those initial impact. The FBI stated in one report that the “greatest threat to this country is white supremacy”. This is particularly evident on the police force and in some instances the military force too. Blacks are 3 times more likely to be stopped by police regardless of income and education level than whites.

So what is this “neutralize” the threat nonsense? This was done by the police to send a message to black America. There are many white chase suspects that are not even shot at or even tasered everyday in America. For those white people who say just comply with police, Philando Castile did that in MN, and was still shot in the car while his child watched on. The police have shot too many people while running away sending whole 15 people units to shoot one man who they claim is a “threat”. They shot a brother in Oakland, CA the same way who was unarmed over a misdemeanor charge. I have yet to see a White, Asian, Hispanic, or other person shot so many times, its always black people because police can get away with “Oh I thought he had a gun” or “He raised his hands”. The Charleston ,SC church shooter was armed and guilty of shooting blacks in churches was brought a happy meal and taken alive to the jail cell.

Another issue is the public safety issue- Firing 60 rounds into a neighborhood space could have killed other innocent bystanders. Its ironic that we had innocent school kids in Uvalde, TX with an known armed suspect and no barging in and shooting off 100 times but silence from officers because the suspect was not black. Police only are out to shoot and kill black man, guilty or not guilty. Now, Mr. Jaylan Walker should not have ran from police I get that but excessive force is not the answer they are doing that out of spite and hate. We do not know what he had in his car- reports are saying a handgun and a wedding ring were found but you have to remember things have been planted by the police before in other cities like Baltimore, MD where cops were planting drugs and things on people during traffic stops. We live in a world where everything in upside down including justice.

Ohio was one of the states that have not had police reform laws passed since the death of George Floyd and it showed today. See this article for states that have excessive force police laws in place( Some police officers should not have a gun and a badge and I suspect these shootings will continue in these states that either do not want to reform the laws or just plain do not care. I am not justifying Mr. Walker actions in fleeing the police but nobody deserves to be shot that many times. The day I see a white man gunned down or an Asian man gunned down like that while running away, maybe I will think the system is fair and balanced but we all know that wont happen because its already been shown that whites can do anything and get away with it in this country.

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