Alabama football Coach Nick Saban claims that Coach Deion Sanders is paying players to come play for his Jackson State University football team. Saban infers or alleges that one of the nation’s top high school recruits ,Travis Hunter, was given a million dollars to play there and stay there to help the name brand recognition of the JSU program.
The irony of it is that most professional high school players choose to go to big white well know universities in the college football world for better chances of going “pro”. So Alabama and other top ranked D1 schools would be more likely to engage in these practices as they have more money ,more resources, and more network pull.
Most black football players choose to play for HBCU out of respect and pride for the tradition of excellence these schools produce both on and off the field. It should be noted that the NFL and other professional sports leagues do draft players from HBCU, its just not as many as our white counterparts.
The truth is we as a people have always literally worked for free our work ethic is unmatched by any and even though its seems as if our players are directionless, there is a method to the madness. I applaud Travis Hunter for standing up and going where he felt he could be of most value. We need more of our players to do that so that we can stop being looked at as commodities to be traded somewhere. The NCAA passed a bill that as you know will allow players to get money from teams using their likeness, I am in full support of this measure.

Its crazy because Coach Saban makes way more money than Coach Deion Sanders– did not coach Saban go to the team that was going to pay him the most money? Our players provide value, talent, and skills that are priceless to schools all across the country and its time we bring it back home to our communities and schools, we can start our own and what we start does not have to gain their approval or even mirror the current structure of sports as we know it. Money is not everything, peace of mind is and knowing your are doing your God given work is everything! Maybe if Coach Saban had more peace of mind, he would not be worried about selling his soul for a Championship and money prizes.

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