A couple of days ago in Atlanta, there was a shooting at a Subway not too far from the Mercedes Benz Stadium. According to reports, this shooting occurred over an argument over a sandwich having “too much mayo” on it. As a result, 2 people lost their lives, including the sandwich making employee at the Subway location.
The owner of that Subway fired back at the suspect but missed. The police eventually caught the suspect. There is always more to any story than meets the eye. But one thing is for sure, crime will continue to rise as this economy gets worse in the United States.
A lot of major cities have a humanitarian crisis on their hands. It is not just the black on black crime, its also the homeless, the jobless, the hopeless, and the people who are fighting for survival in dilapidated school systems and jail systems while America continues to send money overseas to Ukraine. These shootings in Baltimore and Atlanta are symptoms of a major problem- when some people feel like they have nothing to work for, they will turn to crime and violence to make a point. It is not right and it sheds a bad light on everyone but the reality is that every day you leave home, there is no guarantee you will get back home safely in any venue- whether it is a restaurant, a concert hall, a church, a school, etc.. It appears to be up to us to be vigilant of our surroundings and kill any negative vibes with a kind spirit in spite of what others’ are throwing your way that may be of an evil nature. We see many folks on edge on the freeways too, honking horns and cutting people off very closely. People are taking their anger out on the wrong innocent people who are just minding their own business. 
What happened to fixing the US infrastructure? What happened to the local politicians creating more youth educational programs to keep teens off the streets and active? What happened to parents or grandparents training young men and woman to be respectful yet firm in mind and purpose? It is clear that America is heading in a different direction than days past.
We as a community of color can no longer assume our kids are safe in the best schools, best communities, or the best experiences. We must train and raise our kids to know that things will not always go their way and that’s ok. We need to prepare a group of leaders who will not just talk about change but work on plans to solve problems in our community before it becomes too much and we are forced to move out. The owner of that Subway says he plans to leave that area of Atlanta and close down the store. So there goes so good African-American employees summer jobs over some petty foolishness. Yes it does not pay much but some pay is better than no pay!

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