I do not watch much American football on television but the kneeling of Colin on the field to protest police brutality was a monumental stand.
Since then as you know, Colin has gotten the support of some of black America and corporate America. Now some NFL teams(ahem the Las Vegas Raiders) are floating the idea of bringing him back as a backup quarterback for a team.
Should Colin play in the NFL again? I would say No! He took a stand, why backtrack and go back to the same organization that you called “a slave plantation”? Unless he is missing those butter biscuits and million dollar checks that bad, there is no reason to try and win a Super Bowl again knowing that you will never replace a Tom Brady, white quarterback hero for the NFL.

The troubling issue for me is that he is literally begging for his job back. I mean when you sign up for any organization, you agree to follow and promote their rules to get paid. If it makes you feel better that they have a “black face” on white power then ok but the principles remain the same.

If Colin believes in real change, he would no go back to the NFL. He says its for the love of the game, but its for money. He would look better taking a stand leaving and continuing activism against police brutality instead of seeking validation from the very organization he allegedly disdains. You can’t have it both ways- you cannot condemn racist organizations but yet want to play and get the owners’ money too! It sounds more like a marketing strategy that backfired on his part. What do you think?

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