I love to see strong black woman and strong black men coming together in the community for good. Its one thing to talk about action and changing our community but change starts at the individual level first. The black community has been somewhat matriarchal in nature since after the Civil Rights era, but there are still many strong black men doing things in this world too. I appreciate the values and the dedication of black men who were educated, composed, determined, and focused on the goals of raising strong black families despite the many odds stacked against them.

The key to raising strong black men and strong black woman is building and developing character and talent early like in elementary school. Making money and learning investments is good but a strong and Godly character is what counts when the pressure, temptation, and pull might cause one to give up or do the wrong thing. Some people say the issues in our community would be fixed if we just had more money. This might be true, however, if one is not raised in character how to deal with such money then they will be broke and back to the same problems again.

There is nothing wrong with confidence in yourself to get the job done after all “God bless the child that has his/her own”. The question then becomes- Do we as a people want our own? Or have we become so comfortable in this present day oppressive system that we are just happy to have a position or title in this system? If we are not afraid of work, a black community of banks, hospitals, schools, business associates can be built again. But it takes more than one person and more than one idea, it takes strong black men and strong black woman of character willing to sacrifice fame or money to see our future generations prosper in the society at large.

So no we do not blame the “white man” for all of our individual issues and problems in our households. This can indeed be fixed by us but it will take more character building at home, at church, at the workplace. It will take more talking with each other instead of at each other. It will take keeping our business to ourselves and not gossiping it over the internet or radio waves.  Do you want to see strong black and capable families or only on television shows like Cosby or Blackish? If so then we need a mindset approach change ASAP!

By esmq1

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