America, the free, the proud, and the wasteful and shameful! America was built on the backs of free slave labor and killing of innocent people back in the day. This built back America idea is nothing new and is rooted in colonialism and stealing of black lands and other minorities lands too who are not White. The argument often made is that “others were enslaved too not just black people”, “stop playing victim mentality”, and “reparations is a cop out” does not fly when every other group of people has gotten reparations or land for their troubles except black Americans.

The mental game is to tell black Americans, “they do not deserve land or compensation for their work or trouble because they are not slaves now blah blah” Bu who still controls most of the land and businesses worldwide? Its rich white people! They are the direct descendants of slave masters and they are profiting. Nobody asks them to give back all that they have stolen physically and intellectually from the black community. The biggest disadvantage facing the black community in America is an economic one and that will not be made up by just getting a good job or starting a seed business depending on white investment who do not shop at our businesses anyway. Its not just the land but the businesses too as they were burned to the ground before integration and now we have to go to them for banking, hospitals, housing, etc.

We need reparations or at least be exempt from federal taxes to be on the table. Many stories of blacks in the South had their land stolen from them and now whites are pretending to own the farms and money that is not their own. Just like CNN reported today about violence in the Palestinian community and a mother was killed as a result. This is an example of the violence that happens when you are occupying something that does not belong to you in the first place.

White America will never admit to stealing anything even today but they all reap the benefits of the past labors of black America. Not all black Americans are lazy, not all White Americans are lazy but its clear that America needs black Americans to stay at the bottom of the economic ladder in order to survive as a first world nation!

By esmq1

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